Tell your visitors the story of your city or region in a brand new way.

Copernicus is the innovative, self-learning, fully automatic media guide system for individual city trips, which you can easily create, modify and extend without prior technical knowledge. Digital storytelling has never been so easy!

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What does Copernicus offer for your city?

With Copernicus, you create fully automatic multimedia guides for your visitors at the highest level. Create your own audio explanations, background music, videos and much more individually for each place of interest. Guided tours for outdoors, indoors, or both. With Copernicus you can create exciting tours for your city. In addition, you can gain insight into the preferences of your visitors with the extensive evaluation functions of Copernicus.

Copernicus Guide - The Empathetic City Guide

Make new perspectives visible. What does a building look like inside? What hidden messages are being transported? With Copernicus your imagination has no limits.

Your visitors will stay in front of a sight and will automatically get narratives, videos, pictures, tables, maps, graphics or whatever you want to present. The contexagon Multisense technology ensures that your visitors can fully concentrate on the sights. You can also mix up sights inside buildings into your tours - without significant transitions or additional interaction with the devices.

The Copernicus Sound Engine provides the background music with automatic fading or, if desired, the sound track even will be composed live to match the movement of the visitor.

It's your choice: The guides can be offered as app for the smartphones or tablets of your visitors, for dedicated loan devices (for example, via tourist information) or in mixed mode.

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With this multimedia guide I was able to get to know Constance at my own pace. A brand new experience for all fans of individual city trips.

Sabrina, Porta Westfalica

Das Copernicus Media-Guide System im Einsatz.

Copernicus Sound Engine

Copernicus Ground Control - Your Control Center

In Copernicus Ground Control, you can easily create or modify your own tours. Whether for adults or children or in different languages. These are immediately available in the guides, no matter whether loan device or visitor's smartphone.

For attractions outside of buildings, simply mark the appropriate areas in the satellite image in Ground Control and here you are! You have easily created an outdoor station that you can enrich with content.

With just a few clicks I had easily created our own guide for our beautiful lake area in my agency. And even the frescos inside the churches I could integrate as stops. I love it!

Mauro, Ludwigshafen

Der Copernicus Guide auf diversen Geräten inkl. Verwaltungstool Ground Control

Simply Create Empathetic Multimedia Guides For Your City And Its Particular Buildings

If you would like to expand your tours with indoor spaces, you will receive a set of low-maintenance, high-performance transmitters, the contexagon Beacons. These can be placed simply and unobtrusively on a particular exhibit, in a room or in other interesting places of your choice - without any structural interventions. Attractions within your city, you can easily select on the map in Ground Control.

With the contexagon Multisense technology, Copernicus reacts fully automatic to the interests of your visitors at the marked stops.

With our smart synchronization algorithms all guides and games are usable for your visitors without a mobile internet connection. The contents are loaded onto the visitors' devices and are available offline. If you want to, also within predefined boundaries.

Copernicus grows with your requirements and can be extended at any time by any number of stations.

Your data and media will be stored secure and transparent for you in our Copernicus Secure Cloud in Switzerland.

copernicus secure cloud

contexagon Beacon Set
contexagon Beacon Set

Understand Your Visitors

With Copernicus Ground Control you can understand the interests of your visitors. What sights are particularly liked best by the visitors? Which media are consumed most? Which ways have been taken in your city? Direct visitor feedback is also presented here at a glance.

Now we know what our visitors are really interested in. We responded directly and adjusted the marketing concept for our region for the coming season accordingly.

Peter, Norddeich

Copernicus Ground Control - Management-Oberfläche für die Museums App und Analytics
(Screenshot: Copernicus Ground Control)

Impart Knowledge Playfully

Offer your visitors exciting location-based games and discoveries for a new stunning way of learning. The best players are displayed in highscore lists and will be animated to an active exploration journey through your city. The current visitor location is always part of the game or an answer option.

The Copernicus Ground Control can be used to create interactive quizzes or exciting scavenger hunts for your visitors.

Since we offer the interactive Medieval Quiz with Copernicus, we have become an even more popular destination for school trips from all over the region.

Fernando, St. Gallen

Copernicus als museumspädagogisches Werkzeug zur spielerischen Wissensvermittlung

We Support You In Digital Transition

You wonder if such a system is not too big or too expensive for your city / municipality / region? Copernicus is an absolutely flexible system and can be scaled freely from the smallest place with a few houses to a metropolis with numerous sights outside and within buildings. Our attractive rental options without fixed contract terms also adapt flexibly and without any risk to your individual needs.

You are convinced of the possibilities of this empathic guide system, but you have no or only inadequate content? No problem! We are happy to assist you with the creation of texts, pictures, videos and can also set your tours with narration on request. Alternatively, all files of your existing audio / multimedia guides can of course be reused in Copernicus.

In addition, contexagon is your innovative partner when it comes to special applications such as augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive displays and further installations. Take a look with us into your possible future without obligation.

Contexagon Copernicus im Einsatz
Contexagon Copernicus im Einsatz

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