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The Features Of Copernicus

Feature One

The Copernicus App For iOS And Android

Full flexibility for you and your visitors

Different operating modes for visitors or dedicated loan devices.

No annoying input of numbers...

... or scanning QR codes. The Copernicus app automatically responds at the right places.

Independent of mobile data networks

Tours are initially downloaded and are available offline. On request also beyond the visit time.

For indoor, outdoor or both

The transition takes place without notice for the visitors and without special interactions.

Native app for iOS and Android

For iPhone, iPad (all sizes), as well as Android smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Numerous settings and interaction possibilities

Images, music, videos, automatic station changes and much more can be conveniently controlled from the app.

Location-based Games

Exciting quiz- or scavanger hunt games with multiple choice and visitor position as answer options.

Social Media Integration

Share photos and status updates directly from Copernicus or send virtual postcards to friends and acquaintances.

Copernicus Maps

Lucis interactive situation maps for location tracking, orientation and preparation or evaluate afterwards of the visits.

Feedback from your visitors

On request location-specific request for visitor feedback with stars and / or free text with reward possibilities, for example by promotional contests.

Synchronize with your content

Automatically synchronize with the content you provide in Copernicus Ground Control at your chosen points in time.


In addition to videos, narrations, images and texts, Copernicus SoundEngine can be used to create automatic fadings and live background music.

Try the possibilities of the Copernicus app on your own:


Feature Two

Copernicus Ground Control

Content management system for your tours

Your tours can be created, modified, copied or deleted at any time.

Content is King

Manage your images, videos, storylines, background music, sound effects, games for exciting tours.

Create your own tours easily

Two-stage publication of the tours for admins and visitors, as well as copies and playgrounds allows untroubled testing.

Copernicus Secure Cloud with reliable backups

Your content and data are stored securely and confidentially in Switzerland in the Copernicus SecureCloud. Regular backups reliably protects against data loss.

Operable from any device

Copernicus Ground Control runs in any web browser, whether Windows, Linux, MacOS or Tablet. Create your tours comfortable and independent of any location - whether in the office, on the sofa, on holiday ...

Create In- and Outdoor Tours

The comfortable editor allows you to define stops by assigning the predefined contexagon beacons (indoor) or by using our graphical editor on the satellite image (outdoor).

Fleet management for your beacons

Manage your contexagon beacons or other iBeacons with the easy-to-use Copernicus Fleet Management.

Future-proof and AR-Ready

Copernicus is completely neutral to the used devices and already today prepared for use with Augmented Reality eyewear.

Collaborative creation of tours

The Copernicus User Management allows users to develop tours collaboratively in a team.

Register for free trial access to Copernicus Ground Control:

Feature Three

User Insights with contexagon Analytics

Extensive visitor analytics

Analyze standing times, taken ways, interests. Presented in clear diagrams with contexagon Analytics.


All data will only be collected anonymously and with permission from the visitors.

Correlations and predictions

On which days of the week and in which weather conditions do most visitors come? How do redesigns affect the stream of visitors?

Visitor feedback

The visitor feedbacks delivered via the app are being displayed and evaluated at a glance.

Website analytics for real life

via neat so-called heatmaps, visitor streams and standing times are being displayed for your tours.


In Analytics lucid reports can be created out-of-the-box, for example for annual reports or investors,


Feature Four

The contexagon MultiSense technology

Empathetic with MultiSense technology

The sensors of the devices constantly deliver thousands of parameters to enable Copernicus to react fully automatic to visitor interests.

From the laboratory to the visitors

Contexagon MultiSense was developed as an academic research project by contexagon Labs in collaboration with universities.

Continuous improvement by self-learning algorithms

MultiSense automatically adapts itself to the given conditions of the tours by self-learning algorithms.

Feature Four

Expandable at any time

Copernicus is not just another guiding app ...

... with Copernicus you get a comprehensive and fully integrated system that you can expand at any time.

Ready for future

With Copernicus, you are already ready for future developments. We do not rely on specific technologies, but on special user experiences.

We realize your ideas

Do you have more ideas for Copernicus? We implement your individual wishes with enthusiasm. Do not hesitate and contact us.